For fasteners

CBM fastener members account for more than 60% of the UK’s annual output of fasteners, bolts, nuts, rivets. Many are also leading manufacturers of small high-volume automotive parts and other precision components.

Manufacturing technologies include cold-forming, hot-forging, CNC machining, thread-rolling and an extensive range of secondary operations – often linked to CAD-CAM design software or advanced forming ‘simulation’ programmes.

Some CBM fastener manufacturers are dedicated to high-volume production for specific user sectors, such as aerospace or automotive. Many others are highly responsive and capable of rapid turnaround on short run solutions for custom fasteners to drawing, in a wide range of materials from carbon and alloy steels to stainless steel and superalloys.


Aerospace, automotive, construction, petrochemical and subsea, and nuclear are amongst the strategic industries supported by this sector group.

Whatever your industry, if you need a fastening solution or face a joining challenge, contact CBM and we will put you in touch with the appropriate member companies.


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