Health, Safety & Environment

Creating safe and secure workplaces for everyone in the metalforming industry has long been a central element of CBM strategy, and a specialist group of members and CBM officers, looking at accident data, legislation and the latest best practice has been operating for the last 15 years.

Formal meetings are held quarterly, and usually involve a site tour which enables members to see how companies are putting ideas and plans into place within an operating industrial environment.

We also run the national ‘Safety & Health in the Metalforming Sector’ (SHIMS) initiative, which aims to drive down the number of workplace accidents by collating industry statistics, then discussing likely causes and potential solutions at members’ meetings, which also have specialist speakers and an inspector from the Health & Safety Executive present.


SHIMS has already proved very effective at identifying workplace safety issues, and making members aware of instances of best practice to reduce accidents.

We have recently taken onĀ a H&S specialistĀ to bolster our involvement with this initiative, allowing us to collect data from non-members, and also to analyse the information in greater depth than previously possible.