Support during Covid-19 Pandemic

Right now, CBM’s highest priority is to support its members through the coronvirus pandemic.

The CBM has been highly active from the beginning of the crisis, engaging directly with Government. That includes  twice-weekly calls with the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, involving CBM management and a panel of members representing different sectors of metal forming. This engagement has ensured that members are not only updated with the latest, detailed information but are also able to directly articulate their concerns and recommendations, feedbacking industry viewpoints and actively lobbying for Government action to meet all CBM members’ needs.

The CBM has also intensified its communication with members, delivering regular email bulletins with latest Government support and initiatives, plus an extensive range of other important information and resources. We are holding weekly sector meetings via Zoom web conferencing technology, to further update on and discuss Government informative and also, very importantly, to allow members to share best practice and their own experiences, particularly in relation to safe working and engagement with financial support schemes.

We have also organised regular webinars, presented by CBM and external experts, covering HR and Health & Safety relating to both home working and return to work, cybersecurity, and continued technical and industry-specific education.

Now CBM has established a Covid-19 Share Hub especially for its for members, hosting:

  • shared good practice and documentation on safe working and return-to-work practices
  • links to latest Government and HMRC information
  • Sector Meeting Notes
  • Recordings of Webinars

CBM Members can access the Covid-19 Share Hub here (member login required).

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