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By Steve Jezard, Industrial Response First Aid Training Ltd


Steve Jezard - Industrial Response First Aid Training

It was my pleasure to come and speak to delegates at the CBM Health, Safety & Committee Group Meeting at CBM HQ in West Bromwich.

Industrial Response First Aid Training Ltd was formed in August 2017 following a significant traumatic arm injury in an industrial accident. What emerged during this incident was that standard First Aid Training may not adequately prepare First Aiders for dealing with significant life-threatening haemorrhage. This issue was recognised by the European Resuscitation Council (2015) stating that a tourniquet or novel haemostatic dressing should be used when direct pressure cannot control severe external bleeding. This was further supported by the June 2016 HSE First Aid ebulletin stating that the inclusion of this training and the associated equipment should be based on your First Aid Needs Assessment.


I am a retired military A&E nurse and have had significant operational and training experience in this area. As a company we have already trained a significant number of First Aiders in these advanced skills and introduced life-saving equipment into the workplace at a major aerospace company.

Two of our very distinct services define us as a company:

Firstly we have a process of conditioning First Aiders to respond effectively to serious incidents through practical simulation training using professional actors and an outstanding special effects make-up artist. This is backed up with a video review process with delegates as well as a prerequisite comprehensive classroom based training package.

But perhaps our most important service is that once we embed our training services into your company then we provide a complimentary after-care package. If you are unfortunate enough to have a serious workplace accident the effects on those that respond can be profound; through experience we know that the early support of those involved in a traumatic incident is vital. This can often be little more than a cup of tea and a chat with someone who understands and can relate to the difficulty of the situation. Industrial Response will attend partner companies and have these discussions with your team. We also provide written information on what is a normal response to a traumatic event and when you should be worried that you may need further support. It must be stressed that the majority of people recover naturally from traumatic events; the quality of early support and normalisation of shock and distress symptoms help people to rationalise the experience. We are training companies in a set of skills and a mind-set that we sincerely hope you never need to use. We recognise the potential for incidents is rare but also that possible outcomes could be catastrophic; we believe we are duty bound to continue to provide a supporting role to our partners and will therefore make ourselves available to support in any way that we can.

The CBM are supporting us to provide training courses for its members and couple dates are shown below. We will continue to schedule more dates in the future. We understand that some geographical locations of companies may make attendance at CBM HQ difficult; we would love to hear from you if you would like us to host courses at your company location and invite other CBM members in your locality to be able to purchase individual places to fill the courses.

The services we offer:

• Managing Catastrophic Haemorrhage in High-Risk Industry (12 or 24 delegates) o 6 Hour Course including practical skills and assessment o Delegates must have a valid HSE First Aid at Work Certificate

• Practical Casualty Simulation Training & Video feedback analysis (24 delegates over an 8 hour training day)

• This builds on the skills of the 6 hour course and puts delegates under intense pressure through high quality simulation with professional actors and make-up artist

• Video feedback analysis and reflection

• Work-place assessment and supply of essential equipment from trusted suppliers

• HSE approved First Aid at Work courses


Managing Catastrophic Haemorrhage in High-Risk Industry: 19 June and 12 July at the CBM headquarters, further information available from:

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