European car registrations -17% in June

Posted on: July 18th, 2022 by EditorM

ACEA statistics released today (15.07.22), show EU + EFTA + UK (Europe) car registrations in June totalling 1.07million, down -16.8% year on year. Of the major markets, the UK recorded the highest percentage June year on year decline at -24.3% (c 46k units lost). German registrations were down -18.1%. 

Six month Europe registrations totalled 5.6 million, down -13.7% on same period 2021. All of the region’s major markets recorded double-digit drops: Italy (-22.7%), France (-16.3%), UK (-11.9%), Germany (-11.0%) and Spain (-10.7%).
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Next phase of wind power growth
BloombergNEF published The Next Phase of Wind Power Growth in Five Charts showing the global annual installations forecast upgraded, with BNEF anticipating a record 106 gigawatts of wind power being installed during 2022. Offshore wind generation is on track for explosive growth, with floating wind generation set for a growth spurt from 2027.

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