UK AFV sales up but plug-in hybrids decline

Posted on: May 10th, 2019 by cbmEditor

The SMMT reports that the UK new car market declined -4.1% in April, to 161,064 units. Private registrations fell -10.3%, while fleet demand increased +2.9%. Overall alternative fuel vehicle registrations increased +12.7%, but sales of plug-in hybrids fell by more than a third.

SMMT, Mike Hawes, referred, in relation to fall in plug-in hybrid registrations, to “evidence of the consequences of prematurely removing upfront purchase incentives before the market is ready.”

Year to date registrations totalled 862,100, down -2.7% on the same four months in 2018. Diesel powered car sales were down -18.4%, taking their market share to 27.7%, compared with 32.9%, same period 2018. Petrol registrations increased +4.2% for the four months, and AFV registrations by +14.3%. That takes AFV share of new car sales to 5.9% compared with 5.0%, same period year.

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