UK suspends retaliatory tariffs on certain US goods

Posted on: June 6th, 2022 by EditorM

UK removes section 232 retaliatory tariffs on certain US goods
Following agreement between the United States and the UK on easement of US Section 232 tariffs on UK steel and aluminium products, the United Kingdom suspended its retaliatory tariffs on 1st June.

CBM was able to obtain some advance information on specific tariff codes for members. However,  full details of the changes were not published until 1st June, the date of implementation. 

Full information now available is:

On 1st June 2022 the UK Government confirmed by statutory instrument (The Customs (Variation of Import Duty) (Amendment) Regulations 2022) the suspension of 25% tariffs on certain goods imported from the United States.

The full list of products and tariff codes on which retaliatory tariffs were applied can be downloaded (word.docx) here Customs Variation document applying the tariffs in December 2021

For information on how the United States has set quotas on steel and aluminium products from the UK refer to US tariff rate quotas (TRQs) for exporters of steel and aluminium

To confirm tariffs and other trade remedies applied to individual tariff codes and from individual countries, it is always important to consult the UK Trade Tariff  before committing to import. Tariffs ruling on a particular date may be checked by amending the date of import. You are always advised, however, to take a screenshot of the data and retain it for reference. 

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